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Our quality attic can provide air exchange without utilizing electricity.

Attic Fan in Charlotte, North Carolina

We have had it drummed into our heads that a home needs to be fully sealed to be energy efficient to the point that the concept of attic ventilation with an attic fan might seem counterproductive. The reality is that your home is very difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature if the hot air that rises isn’t able to escape. The key to an effective attic fan is to let hot air out, but not let in rain, pests, or cold air. At United Energy Solutions, we have the optimal solution with our solar-powered attic fan.

We understand wanting to keep your home as energy efficient as possible, so we have done the research for you to find a quality attic fan that provides air exchange without utilizing electricity. Instead of your attic souring to more than 150 degrees during a Charlotte, North Carolina summer, it will stay more comfortable, allowing your air conditioner to operate more efficiently. You’ll save money all the way around with our solar attic fan installed in your home’s attic.

We are passionate about sharing energy conservation solutions with our customers and being a part of incorporating green products that are good for families and the environment. In addition to offering the best option for an attic fan, we can also assist you with insulation and indoor air quality products so that your family will have the comfortable and healthy environment that they deserve.

If you would like to know more about having a solar attic fan installed at your home or you’d like a quote for any of our energy conservation products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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