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Solar Fan

Helping you cool your home with the harnessed power of the sun– that’s our solar fan!

solar fan pictureWhen the temperatures start to rise outside, many of us head indoors to get some relief from the constant and consistent heat! However, more time inside is most likely equated with more money spent on air conditioning. Here at United Energy Solutions, we wanted to help our clients enjoy a comfortable, consistently cool environment in their area without the worry of higher utility bills, and that is why we love offering our clients innovative green technologies such as solar fans from Yellowblue.

Solar fans are ideal for your attic space because they provide a healthy exchange of air. Hot air rises and is often trapped in the attic space, which is getting a double dose of heat by also absorbing heat from the sun. This causes attic temperatures to skyrocket, and your air conditioning unit struggles to keep up as the heat from the attic warms your living temperatures. Attic fans work to release the hot air from your attic, which alleviates the pressure from your air conditioning to cool, letting it use much less energy. At United Energy Solutions, our attic fans are solar powered, so they don’t need to rely on more electricity in order to help cool your home. You are able to save money in two ways with the use of solar fans since they don’t need to use electricity and they also help your air conditioning be more effective, saving power.

Our solar fans are incredibly durable, wind-resistant, and low-profile and come in different sizes and options to ideally match your roofline. If you have questions about our solar fans or other green options, please give us a call today at United Energy Solutions.

Solar Fan in Charlotte, NC