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Attic Fan: What is it and Do You Need One?

HomeBlogAttic Fan: What is it and Do You Need One?

An attic fan is energy efficientThe attic is a part of your home that you probably don’t think about very often. Did you know that when the weather gets hot and humid outside that your attic will increase in temperature and cause your home to increase in temperature, too? This will cause your AC unit to work harder.

An attic fan works to help push that hot air out of your attic and draw in cooler air. Doing this will help to prevent the hot air in your attic from seeping into your home and causing your home to become too hot.

An attic fan is energy efficient. There are even solar powered attic fans that make a great option for low cost and low hassle installation. Attic fans are ideal in most homes, but especially in homes with:

  • A well air sealed attic floor
  • Well insulated HVAC equipment that is located in the attic
  • When the attic insulation is less than R-19

If you are not sure if an attic fan is right for you, then please give us a call at United Energy Solutions. We can help you determine if an attic fan is a good option for your home. We have years of experience helping homeowners make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient. We are happy to help you in any way we can.