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Benefits of Installing a Solar Fan in Your Attic

Did you know that your attic can trap extremely hot air inside and that hot air can seep into your home? This hot air will increase the temperature in your home and make your AC unit work harder to lower that temperature. One way to prevent your attic from getting too hot is to install a solar fan. A solar fan is a fan that is powered by the sun. The solar fan works to remove the hot air in your attic and draw cooler air back inside. Some of the amazing benefits of a solar fan are:

  • Energy Savings – When you prevent hot air from seeping into your home, you boost your home’s energy efficiency because your home’s AC unit doesn’t have work extra hard to maintain a set temperature.

The solar fan works to remove the hot air

  • Roof Protection – Allowing hot air to accumulate in your attic can cause damage to the asphalt shingles. In the winter, the cold air can cause moisture to build up, which can cause serious issues.
  • Quiet – A solar fan is extremely quiet. You won’t notice it during the day and you definitely won’t hear it at night as it won’t run at night.
  • Increased Comfort – With your home staying a consistent temperature with no annoying fan sounds, you will be living in comfort.

We know that you and your family will enjoy the amazing benefits of a solar fan. Give us a call today to explore your options!