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Looking for an all-natural way to clean the air in your home? RENUAIRE is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Bacteria can be found almost anywhere, and your home is no exception. There are types of bad bacteria that can get us sick, and there are good bacteria that benefit us in everyday life and in our bodies. RENUAIRE is a newer and wonderful technology that lets those helpful bacteria circulate through your home. Here at United Energy Solutions, we are excited about technology advancements that make your home greener.

RENUAIRERENUAIRE is an advanced piece of equipment that connects to your HVAC system. RENUAIRE is a probiotic air filter. Some versions are small and easy to move if you need to relocate the unit, and it and works throughout the day automatically. At different intervals, it injects probiotics into your HVAC system, which circulate throughout your home and remain on surfaces. These probiotics offer many benefits, including preventing odors within your home. The system is integrated with your HVAC system, so it doesn’t stand out like a large piece of equipment, and it naturally cleans the air ducts in your home.

Over time, air ducts can collect dust and many other things. The natural chemicals and probiotics from RENUAIRE can help reduce allergens in your air ducts so they aren’t spread over your home. The probiotics stick to surfaces in your home and fight those natural bad bacteria. The probiotics can help keep allergens from sticking to those surfaces and help clean the air within your home. RENUAIRE does need regular maintenance about every 6 months for optimum performance. Give us a call today to find out more information on what RENUAIRE can do for you.

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