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Heat-Resistant Paint

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Make your home cooler and more comfortable with heat-resistant paint.

Most of the time, you have to invest a lot to see returns on your home’s energy efficiency. For example, if you want your home to be more efficient, your mind may automatically go to buying and installing solar panels or replacing your home’s air conditioning system. But what if we told you that you could simply roll a layer of paint on your house and it would automatically become more heat-resistant?

Heat-Resistant Paint

That’s exactly what happens when you invest in heat-resistant paint from Invisaflects. At United Energy Solutions, we know it’s important for your house to be comfortable and efficient while also reducing your carbon footprint. You can apply this heat-resistant paint to any surface where you would normally use regular paint, so whether you want to keep your garage a little cooler or add this paint to your entire house, we can make it happen.

This heat-resistant paint reflects infrared heat automatically back to its source. This paint was originally developed by NASA, and it features the same technology. Combined with proper insulation, which works to prevent conductive and convective heat loss and gain, this heat-resistant paint prevents heat transfer and keeps your spaces cooler.

Give heat-resistant paint a try and watch as it keeps your home and its surfaces cooler, even during the hottest weeks of the summer. If you’re intrigued by this type of paint and want to give it a try, contact us! We can answer all your questions about how it works, application, price, and more.