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Keep your home healthy and safe with the right moisture barrier.

Moisture Barrier in Atlanta, GeorgiaMost of us do not spend much time in our crawlspaces, unfinished basements, or attics. These areas, while sometimes used for the occasional storage, are often dark, damp and sometimes a little creepy! For this reason, we opt to spend the majority of our time in our finished living spaces. Even though you might not hang out much in your crawlspace, it can affect your finished areas. Moisture from the ground loves to work its way into a crawlspace and then gather, where it condenses on the walls, the ceiling and everywhere else. Once this moisture gathers and settles, you are vulnerable to serious issues such as mildew, mold growth and pests. Here at United Energy Solutions, we want you to feel at ease about your crawlspace and its environment, and that is why we offer moisture barrier solutions.

In the Atlanta, Georgia area, we are no strangers to humid weather. Whether it is warm or cold outside, the humidity persists and can settle in our crawlspaces. With the right moisture barrier that has been applied by our experts, you are able to keep the moisture from gathering and condensing into your crawlspace. Not only does your moisture barrier (as the name implies) blockade and protect your space from moisture, but it also can help keep your home smelling fresh and clean, since it prevents mold growth. You will also enjoy more energy efficiency from our moisture barrier.

There are so many benefits of installing a moisture barrier in your crawlspace. If you would like to learn more about these benefits, please contact us today.

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